Sherri’s Obituary

On June 19, 1965, two darling baby girls were born just 8 minutes apart  to Charles and Nola Jackson of Burley, Idaho. Sherri Ann and Terri Lynn.Sherri pic

At an early age, Sherri was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic lung disease. Her parents were told by doctors she wouldn’t live but a few years. Little did they know her determination and that of those who would provide her care.

Despite many health challenges, Sherri had a happy childhood with her sisters and loving parents. She hid her health difficulties so much many people didn’t know she had CF.  She would also never let her disease control how she lived her life never letting CF hold her back from living her life how she wanted. She took dance and piano lessons and learned to play the clarinet. Sherri enjoyed many years in 4-H and played in the Burley High School Band. Sherri was the friend to the friendless and could make anyone feel worthwhile and happy.

She graduated from Burley High School and Ricks College. She was a member of the Rick College Womens Council and was awarded Ricks College Woman of the Year in 1985.

Sherri met the love of her life, Rheid Schloss of Burley Idaho and on June 14, 1985, they were married for time and all eternity in the Idaho Falls Temple.

Sherri had a love for children and a strong desire to be a mother. After doctors told her and Rheid to not expect children, on July 31, 1986, Joshua Rheid Schloss was born in Provo, Utah at 4 lbs 3 ounces. Although they always wanted a larger family, Sherri’s health made adoption difficult. Once again her determination won out and Sherri and Rheid were blessed to add a beautiful fifteen year old daughter to their family, Christina Grace Schloss, in 2007.

Sherri was an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Additionally, she was an avid genealogist and a member of the Larimer County Genealogical Society. In the last several years, she indexed and arbitrated tens of thousands of genealogical records in an effort to help others discover their family history. Sherri enjoyed membership in The Daughters of Utah Pioneers and was always proud of her heritage.

One of her greatest loves was being a Birth-mom Advocate for LDS Social Services. She served in all church auxiliary organizations and especially loved working with the children and her young women groups.  

Sherri’s greatest ambition was to write children’s books and be a published author. She volunteered as an editor for a writers group while living in Spanish Fork and had a gift for expressing herself through her writings. Her family and friends loved following her blog which could brighten even the darkest of days.

After raising their son in Spanish Fork, Utah, the Schloss family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where Sherri really enjoyed going to Rockies baseball games, being in the outdoors, and living close to Rheid’s sister Maryanne Larsen and family.

Complications of CF require daily medications and physical treatments.  Infection flare ups typically require IV antibiotics and hospitalization.  As a older CF’er, Sherri extended her family to the team of Doctors and Nurses who cared for her. She was especially close to the wonderful doctors and nurses at National Jewish. Although Sherri spent hundreds of days in hospital beds and clinics, she made it a point to make her visits to “Club Med” enjoyable for everyone. With her quick wit, she could make the most stoic person smile. Her courage was often expressed in humor as she faced life threatening complications.

Although her progression of CF began accelerating in 2008, Sherri continued to live her life on her terms. She was often seen riding her electric-assist bike, wearing her oxygen “jet pack”, to visit friends and deliver food. 

In 2012, Sherri started her lung transplant journey by being accepted by Duke’s transplant team but was sent home when she progressively got better.  After returning home from Duke, Sherri became a familiar face at the Fort Collins Seniors Center where she would hang out with her “Peeps” keeping up with her daily physical exercise program to be ready for transplant.

After some close calls in 2014 and 2015, Sherri was hospitalized in February at National Jewish St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado. That stay escalated to respiratory failure on April 13.  On April 18, 2015 Sherri was flown to Duke University Medical Center and kept alive on a blood oxygenation machine called ECMO to awaited new lungs.

On May 6, 2015, thanks to the generous sacrifice of a donor family, Sherri received new lungs. Over the course of the next 102 days, there were many successes and setbacks – highs and lows. After a courageous fight, and progressive complications post transplant, Sherri’s body stopped responding to measures to keep her alive.  

Sunday, August 16, 2015, surrounded by family, Sherri took her last breath and is now enjoying her freedom from all restraints, pains, and limitations that she
had in her mortal life.

In the days before her death, she wanted to express her love and appreciation to all the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, assistants, and even the wonderful ladies who cleaned her rooms.

She is survived by her devoted husband, Rheid Schloss, Fort Collins, CO. Son- Joshua Schloss, Fort Collins, CO. Daughter – Christina Schloss, U.S. Navy. Parents – Charles & Nola Jackson, Burley, ID. Sister – Ralene Jackson Butcher (Jeff), Murray, UT. Sister – Terri Jackson Weatherford (Doug), Spanish Fork, UT. Rheid’s parents – Fred & Margaret Schloss, Heber City, UT. Brother-in-law – Robert Schloss (Jean), Orem, UT, Sister-in-law – Carolyn Toney (Jeff), American Fork, UT, Sister-in-law – Mary Anne Larson (Mike), Fort Collins, CO and and many nieces and nephews. She was also survived by her beloved dog, Tucker.

She was preceded in death by her grandparents and Brother-in-law Richard William Schloss.

A visitation will be held, Monday, 6 – 8 p.m. at Bohlender Funeral Chapel. A viewing will begin, Tuesday, 10 a.m., with the funeral service to follow at 11 a.m., at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Timberline Ward, 600 E. Swallow. Interment, Burley Idaho.

Funeral Services

cropped-rheid-and-sherri-hands1.jpgFuneral Services for Sherri –
We will be having 2 services for Sherri. One will be in Fort Collins, Colorado and the other will be in Burley, Idaho where she will be laid to rest.

Cards and letters of condolence can be mailed to their home at:
3700 Ashmount Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Services in Fort Collins, Colorado

Monday August 24th 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Bohlender Funeral Chapel
121 W Olive St. Fort Collins, CO

Tuesday August 25th
Viewing 10:00am -10:45am
Funeral Services 11:00am -12:45pm
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
600 E Swallow Rd. Fort Collins, CO 80525

Family Please RSVP for family dinner to follow funeral to Mary Anne Schloss Larson by Friday.

Services in Burley, Idaho

Thursday August 27th
Viewing 10:00am -10:45am
Funeral Services 11:00am -12:45pm
LDS Chapel
424 West Ellis Street Paul, ID
Graveside services 1:00pm-1:30pm
Pleasant View Cemetery 1750 Pleasant View Lane Burley, Idaho

Family Please RSVP for family dinner to follow grave side services to Nola Jackson or Mary Anne Larson by Friday.

With Deep Sadness

I hoped and prayed that I would never have to write this post. I am sadden to tell you that Our Sweet Angel Sherri is breathing easier as she quietly passed away this evening. Her gracious manner, example of loving service, and quick wit will be truly missed.

Her Life was one big miracle and her passing wasn’t from lack of faith, prayers, or miracles. We saw all of that over and over the last few months. Her body and spirit fought so hard that God just knew there was nothing more to give and this was the time for her to come home. The last days of her life she was surrounded by her sweet amazing husband Rheid and their kids Christina and Joshua.Sherri

We Thanks God for the last few months that He gave us to be with her. Maybe those months were for us to learn about services, faith, strength, and for all of us to be ready. Sherri has inspired all of us so much and I know that her life here on this earth was filled with joy, happiness and your love. The last time we talked I told her that all of you loved her and were praying for her. She said she knew. SO please know that she was inspired by your love and support. You guys have been so amazing we raised over $50,000 in the last three months. The last $6000  was donated in the last week by a generous private donor.

Tonight pray for our family ( the Schloss and the Jacksons) for peace and for comfort. We cry because she is gone, because we will miss her, but we know we will see her again in Heaven. I am so grateful for the knowledge that families can be together forever and I know that Sherri is in heaven breathing freely without pain or distress and has been embraced by our Savior, and Our Heavenly Father and has been welcomed home. I’m sure she was greeted by hundreds of those that love her and have been waiting for her to return home.

We will be making arrangements for services and let you know once that is done. We love you all and thank you for your love and support.

For now we wait and have faith in Jesus Christ and God’s Will.

It has been a rough 3 Weeks for Sherri and Rheid.  She has spent the last 2 weeks in ICU on and off a ventilator and has slowly gone downhill.  She took a turn for the worst yesterday with her oxygen and metabolic state.  Her poor body has been working so hard to fight the infection and although there hasn’t been any growth on the cultures for candida and bacteria, the medications and stress have taken a toll on her body and strength. Sherri has inspired so many people in her life and has shown so much faith and strength over the last 4 months.  It is hard to watch someone you love so much be in so much pain and distress.  So for now, at this time, we hope and pray for a miracle, that her body and spirit will be given the strength it needs to keep going.  We will have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and know that God knows all and loves her and will do what is best for her.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.



“If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing. In all conditions, we can choose the right with the guidance of the Spirit. We have the gospel of Jesus Christ to shape and guide our lives if we choose it. And with prophets revealing to us our place in the plan of salvation, we can live with perfect hope and a feeling of peace. We never need to feel that we are alone or unloved in the Lord’s service because we never are. We can feel the love of God. The Savior has promised angels on our left and our right to bear us up.10 And He always keeps His word.”  

“Mountains to climb” talk given by 

ICU again – Be Still and know that I AM GOD

Saturday Sherri started having more problems.  Her Respiratory statues was deteriorating fast  just like weekend.They found a strain of Candida fungus that is drug resistant to the microfungon they have had her on so they have put her on IV ampitarison. Her respitory distress reached a point where they feel the best chance for her to recover is to put her back on a vent and then hit her with antibiotics. Sherri only wants to go back on the vent as a last effort and it looks like that is the case.  Sherri didn’t really want to be put back on the vent but consented after talking with the doctors. Because they believe this is caused by infection, edema, and she shows no oragn failure they felt the vent was appropriate. Sherri consented but wanted to be sedated as much as possible and still be safe. So today that is how she has spent her Sunday, Resting as comfortably as you can on a vent under safe sedation. I know many individuals and families are praying and fasting for her today. (thank you so much for joining us). The opening prayer at the Durham 2nd ward where Rheid has been going since they moved out there was said by a young lady who has never met Sherri and yet her prayer for her was so kind and sincere it brought Rheid to tears instantly. There is no news on the blood tests yet because the cultures take longer to grow. Although on the vent her PCO2 numbers are still high but her PH is good. The doctors don’t know why her x-rays look so bad but when they do a bronch her lungs look so good. They believe it is caused by the decortication and the edema but it’s hard to know what is causing it. They are aggressively working to reduce the swelling and so far her kidneys are handling it. The antibiotics will take some time so for now we wait and let the team in the ICU do everything they can to help her get through this. “

Rheid and Sherri are in my ward/church congregation (when they aren’t in North Carolina) and the members love them so much. The prayers said today in their behalf were so touching, powerful, and thoughtful. I wished I hadn’t worn mascara. They have so much faith and strength and have been such a comfort to me in all of this. Today as my beautiful and amazing young woman sang the Hymn, Be Still My Soul the words touched my soul and by the 2nd verse I was in tears. It reminded me of the time when the transport couldn’t come and I felt out of control with panic and fear, but the words Be still and Know that I AM GOD keep coming to my mind. It gave me peace then and now. I know that, come what may, God is there and HE is in control and by our side.

SO tonight take a moment and be still and pray with us as we praise God for His love and tender mercy and ask that His healing power will come upon Sherri and His comfort on Rheid and their kids Joshua and Christina and all the extended family (parents and siblings).

Big Scare and Set backs

The past week has been hard on Sherri. Since the surgery she has had so much pain that they eventually had to put in an epidural to get any relief.  She has had 6 unit of blood and continued to need more and more oxygen. The decortication seems to be working as the fluid coming from the chest tube has been decreasing.

Sunday Aug 2, I got a text.  Sherri was don’t doing good and going down hill fast.  They couldn’t keep her Oxygen Saturation up even on 7 Liters of Oxygen.  They were headed to ICU.  They eventually put Sherri on a Ventilator to try and get her stable as nothing was working.  We feared the worst, rejection or lung injury.  I worried of infection.  Once stable on the vent they did tons of test trying to figure out why since the surgery she has just continued to go down hill. They started broad spectrum antibiotics and all we could do was wait and see if what the cultures said and if Sherri’s body was strong enough to make it through the night.  We said a lot of prayers and prayed so hard for Sherri.  The next day the cultures came back positive for a bacteria  Klebsiella Pneumoniae.  They had been proactive and put Sherri on Merpenium the day before so they stated see results quickly.  Her xrays looked much better with less consolidation.  The decortication was showing up as shadowing but could have been masking the pneumonia. Now with the antibiotics the lungs were healing and clearing.  Sherri came off the ventilator Tuesday Aug4th morning.  We were so excited.  This can be a hard thing after having a transplant so we were so glad that it went well.

Today she was doing well enough that they moved her back to the Step down unit.  She is feeling discouraged as it feels like she has been set back a month.  Walking 2 laps was really hard.  She needs 2 L of Oxgen to keep her saturation up and she is very tiered.  She is still hanging in there.  Please pray for better days with improved physical and mental strength.

Time to try Surgery

It”s official! Sherri is booked for an operation on her lung For Monday morning 6:30am. Today (Sunday) is 80 days post transplant at the hospital and the fluid in her right chest cavity continues to put out 600+ fluids. Although Sherri is bummed she is SO ready to get out of the hospital even more.  They two batches of antibiotic didn’t seem to do much help so This is the next option.  Sherri told her son Josh she would rather go through natural Child Birth again than to go through the pain of the antibiotics in the chest tube.  That says how painful it was.  Since this drainage persists to be the problem and the and the surgery is not a given to Fix it, it is worth a try.  It will remove that layer of film off the lung and hope that this will make it adhere to the chest wall.  She just got her staples our from the transplant and now she will be getting a new set for this procedure.  Though even with best case scenario she will not be out by next week, we can only hope and pray that God has a few more miracles left for her and that this WILL work.  

walk before surgery 7-26-2015

walking strong the night before another surgery.

  Hey Right Chest Tube… WE want you out of there! This is your eviction notice!

Tonight after 20 laps today Sherri heads to bed strong with hope, faith, and prayers of getting ride of that chest tube once and for all.   Please take a minute  and pray for Sherri and that the surgeons will be successful in making the lung adhere to the chest cavity. Please join us tomorrow as we ask for divine intervention for Sherri and inspiration for the surgeons involved that there will be minimal pain, and set backs.